Mumbai Film & Comic Con, 2013

So I visited the Mumbai Film and Comic Con (MFCC 2013) today.

It was great. It was super fun. And if you have not been there, you should be clearing off your schedule for tomorrow (22-Dec-2013) and heading for the Bombay Exhibition Centre on Western Express Highway, Goregaon East. Here’s the link to the Comic Con website and here’s a link to the venue on Google maps.

So why should you be there?

The Con-runners

I loved the con-runners.

I loved the staff. I loved the volunteers.

I loved the fact they had at least 15 registration desks working simultaneously.

I loved the fact that everybody smiled all the time.

I loved the fact that most of the volunteers and staff members were cosplaying.

And, because I’m an absolute cheapo, I loved the fact that entry was free and you got a nice looking goody bag when you registered.

The cosplayers

Oh god, the cosplayers. I loved them.

We met everybody. We met an awesome Iron Man.


One of the best Darth Vader costumes I have seen.

Darth Vader trying to kill Batman??

We had DC vs Marvel.

We had franchise vs franchise.

A beautiful Loki.

And lots more.

We even met Tank Girl.

And Ramona Flowers.

AND Goku.

And if you have a problem, you can take it up with Billy. IF you have a problem.

But what about the comics? you ask

In a word? Good.

Let me explain.

The choice was eclectic. We saw the usual suspects – stalls selling comic book and vaguely SFF themed T-shirts. But then there was the stall dealing in rare Indian comic books – from Chacha Chaudhary to Indrajaal Comics, from old Nagraj issues to imported DC titles. There were the guys selling official licensed weapons from comics and video games.

There was a stall from DC, selling Sandman and V for Vendetta. There was a stall from Harper Collins India.

And then there was this guy, from whom I bought a set of 8 books for Rs. 250.00.

The Beast Legion

This is an indie webcomic artist selling his books himself. He claims to be the only manga-style original comic artist in India. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I felt that spending about $4 (more than what I’ll have to pay for a single issue of any ongoing series if I buy them from Amazon) for 8 comic books was quite justifiable.

These guys have launched a new journal “dedicated to the Indian comics scene”.

Pulp Quarterly

It’s an 80-page magazine with 50 pages of articles and reviews, beautifully laid out.

The Pulp Quarterly Articles

And about 30 pages of comics.


I also bought a nice horror comic from these guys.


I have a weakness for horror comics. I also got this bollywood-themed one.

Zombie Talkies

Last thoughts

Cons are new in India. This is only the second Comic Con in Mumbai. It is still very small with only about 85 stalls. It felt crowded because the area was small, but not that many people attended it. Most of the attendees were more interested in the T-shirts than the comics on display.

Then why even have a comic con? What makes it all worth?


Satya Police

See, this comic book was published because Comic Con India had allocated a special grant for up-&-coming comics and graphic novel writers creators. They held a competition and this title was the winner. Mohit Shrivastava and Gagandeep Kochar won the grant and published Satya Police, their graphic novel.

Without Comic Con India, this wonderful creation of two talented guys would not have been published.

If Comic Con India can get even one such person get published a year, they should consider their job done.


Follow Comic Con India on Twitter / Facebook. Follow the hashtag #MFCC on Twitter.

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