Flash Fiction – Spammerpunk Horror

This is my entry for the new Flash Fiction challenge on Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds. Mr. Wendig says:

So, I’ve been getting some weird spam comments and emails these days.
They are vaguely tinged with horror.
Goofy horror. Worthless, not-scary horror. Poorly-written horror.
But horror.

So, what I want to see from you is:
A horror story framed as a spam email.

So here is my entry for the week:

Good Practices Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Title!

This week, the Flash Fiction challenge at Mr. Chuck Wendig’s blog Terribleminds is a Random Title challenge. There are two sets of 20 words and we are supposed to randomly select a word from each of the lists. That will become the story title. Then there is the simple task of writing a 1,000-word story that fits the random title.

My words this week are “Mirror” and “Curse”. So here is my flash fiction for the week:

The Mirror’s Curse

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Little Chapters

Here is my entry to this week’s Flash Fiction Challenge on Chuck Wendig’s blog Terribleminds.

Quoting Mr. Wendig:

This week’s challenge is simple in description, but perhaps complex in execution.

It is about pacing and arrangement.

A piece of flash fiction is usually treated in a certain way — it’s short, so it uses the brevity of the form to often capture a snapshot in time.

We’re going to open that up a little bit.

You still have 1000 words.

But you’re going to break that up into 10 chapters.

As soon as I read that, I thought of the Nava Rasa. To quote Wikipedia:

rasa (Sanskrit: रस lit. ‘juice’ or ‘essence’) denotes an essential mental state and is the dominant emotional theme of a work of art or the primary feeling that is evoked in the person that views, reads or hears such a work.

There are eight or nine or eleven Rasas, depending on who you ask. The commonest count is nine. So my story has ten chapters: one prologue and nine chapters representing nine Rasas.

I gave myself two more targets:

  1. Each chapter will have exactly 100 words, bringing the total to 1,000.
  2. I’ll use the Rasas in the order that they are mentioned in The Natya Shastra.

So here you go.

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Somethingpunk

Aand here is my third entry for the Flash Fiction challenge over at Chuck Wendig’s blog Terribleminds. Today’s challenge is “SOMETHINGpunk“.

What is this somethingpunk, you ask? Let me quote Mr. Wendig:

The literary subgenre -punk contains, as I see it, a couple key features –

a) A world taken over by the technology or fuel source or by humans (often in an authoritarian role) attempting to control the utilization and implementation of that tech or resource.


b) Characters who represent an anarchic, rebel “punk” vibe in this world.

So, here is my entry for today’s flash fiction challenge. My selected Genre is ZOMBIEpunk.

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Fairy Tales, Remixed

This is my second ever entry for the Flash Fiction Challenge at Chuck Wendig’s blog Terribleminds. This week’s challenge is Fairy Tales, Remixed.

In Mr. Wendig’s words,

Pick a fairy tale.

I want you to pick one — I’ll let you do that — and rewrite it.

Except, wait now, hold on.

I want you to also roll to choose a random subgenre. You will then apply said random subgenre to the fairy tale you have picked for maximum awesome. Get it? Got it? Rad.

Here is my slasher inspired fairy tale.

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Mumbai Film & Comic Con, 2013

So I visited the Mumbai Film and Comic Con (MFCC 2013) today.

It was great. It was super fun. And if you have not been there, you should be clearing off your schedule for tomorrow (22-Dec-2013) and heading for the Bombay Exhibition Centre on Western Express Highway, Goregaon East. Here’s the link to the Comic Con website and here’s a link to the venue on Google maps.

So why should you be there?

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Chuck Wendig runs a weekly Flash Fiction challenge at his blog Terribleminds. This week’s challenge is to explain this strange weblike thing found in the jungles of Peruvian Amazon. This is my story.

Also, this is the first story I have ever finished. Even though it’s only a 1,000-word piece, please be gentle with the review. 🙂

Here we go.

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